Not found

NOT FOUND – It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try a search?

That’s the error message I’ve been getting all morning.

Do I call my computer genius big brother to quickly bail me out?  I read somewhere that’s like asking a dentist friend to quickly give me a root canal.  My writer/director friend, Patrick, once posted on fb that he hated it when people asked him to quickly “read their scripts.”

So what now?  Do I deactivate this blog and call it a day?  Go finish the laundry?  Walk the dog?  Empty the dishwasher?  Find my pile of almost-due bills?  Cook dinner? These are all the things I’ve neglected today, while trying to solve this problem.

Did I check the FAQs on the WordPress sites?  Of course.  They lose me as soon as they start talking about FTPs and Permalinks and deleting and re-installing plugins.  Huh?

So bear with me as I figure this out…or help me come up with a way to sweet talk my brother…OR if by some blogging magic you see a “Tell me something good” box at the end of this post, then please tell me how to fix this thing!

**UPDATE:  Since I only had 6 posts written, I just decided to cut and paste them to new posts and magically, they’re fixed.  I don’t know how or why…but I found all the posts.  Yay Me!

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