Where to?

I love to travel.  I wish we had done it more when the kids were younger because now travel competes with school, sports, music, etc.  In two years, Jackson will be going to college and then it’ll really be a challenge to make it happen.

So I am making a conscious effort this year to travel as a family.

The next trip I’m planning is a roadtrip to Louisville, KY, so Bojangles can meet his Aunt Joanie and Uncle Jimmy– planned stops include Pittsburgh, PA (home of the Steelers); Terre Haute, IN (Del’s old stomping grounds); Chicago, IL (to visit my niece Emily at DePaul University); and Cleveland, OH (not really sure why).  We’re saving money by using up some of Del’s Hilton Honors points and crashing at my brother’s house.   I’m looking forward to crossing some states off of Elena’s Bucket List.

I would love to know how others juggle family schedules with travel plans.  Have you recently planned a family trip?  Do you have any tips for traveling with a dog?  Please share with me.

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