(Lack of) Time to read

I’d like to read more…let me rephrase that…I’d like to read something other than my Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest newsfeeds.  I can’t seem to finish a book…and my latest excuse is that my eyes get so tired.

So I’d like to write about some fabulous books that I am going to read…or maybe I’ll realize that I just can’t read as much as I used to.

I’m currently reading Amy Tan’s “The Hundred Secret Senses.”  I’m loving the dialogue and detail.

Have you ready any good books lately?  Where do you find time to read?  How do you fit reading into your schedule?

8 thoughts on “(Lack of) Time to read”

  1. I like old novels, mainly by James Michener. I’m trying to find a way to read all of his novels, most of which are more than 1000 pages. I have only Djoko to take care of so I can find time to read JM’s long novels. Har, har, har!

    1. 1000 pages, Sylvanna? Why don’t you recommend 1 book for me to tackle over the summer. Then I can write about it: “The 1000-Page Book Challege.” 🙂

  2. Maybe you have too many projects?? I’m not sure you’ll be interested in his semi-historical multi-generation novels. Maybe reading short novels from authors from each country around the world will be more interesting for you??

    1. One novel from each country around the world…I can possibly shorten it to one short novel from each continent…or maybe I can go a different direction and try one dessert from every country…hmmmm now we’re getting somewher…keep the ideas coming!

  3. Excellent, Banana coconut cake from Africa, rosewater Moroccan ice cream, fried balloon ball (Viet/Lao/Cambodia) to add some more to your list.

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