Project 333

Could you live for 3 months with 33 pieces of clothing?  Before you exit out, let me give you the elevator pitch of Project 333.

Picture paring down your wardrobe to 33 items, then using these items for 3 months.  Underwear, pajamas, workout clothes are all exempt from the number.  That’s the short version.  

My slogan for the year, Lean in 2014, led me to Courtney Carver‘s Project 333.  I did some more googling and Pinterest searches and found there are hundreds of people who are successfully participating in this project.

So, in January, I cleared out my closet to 33 pieces BUT kept everything that was in my drawers and other closets (my jeans, tshirts, sweaters, purses, shoes, and coats).

So what DID I actually clear out?  First to go, anything that restrictred my breathing or accentuated my muffin top.  Next, blouses, suits, dresses, and items that always seemed to get put back in the closet after trying them on.  Last,  duplicates — sometimes triplicates — (black slacks, black blouses, denim shirts, etc.).

Something amazing happened these past 3 months:  it was actually easier to get dressed in the morning.  Everything in my closet fit and I liked wearing them.  Interestingly enough, I also found that I dressed less in tshirts and sweats (which is often my uniform).

I am actually looking forward to the next session that starts on April 1st.  But, as I learned in a marketing class once, I’m a laggard (slow to enter the market, dislikes change, etc).  So, I probably still won’t be able to go ALL in.  However, I will actively work on the drawers and other closets to see what else I can put away (or donate).

I posted this early so that you guys can look into the project or your closets to see if you want to join me.  WHO IS IN?    

14 thoughts on “Project 333”

    1. Hi Helen, that’s a great question. I’m going to see if I can find an answer, but to keep things moving, let’s say count them as 1 shirt and 1 pants. Are there other stuff in the closet to focus on until we get an answer? I’m counting you in!

      1. Lots of t-shirts and assorted other tops I never wear. Some jeans and, of course, all those stretchy black yoga pants that I wear as my work “uniform”. lol, my closet is woefully short on variety and anything nice.

          1. ok, so I put aside my work pants and shirts and I move all but 33 items from my closet. Now what? Do I list what I keep or what I remove? lol, do I report what I wear each day?

            1. Helen,
              If I’m reading right, you would keep the pieces of your uniform in your closet, then add 33 pieces that you could work with for 3 months. You’d box up the rest of the stuff and don’t look at it until our next phase in July. I’ve seen some people making lists, logs, and charts. I tried to do a spreadsheet when I first started in January, but couldn’t keep up. So that’s up to you.
              Here’s the link to the project:

              Stay encouraged, Helen. If you can’t do 33 pieces, pick a number that you can live with. Remember, it’s not an exercise in suffering 🙂

    1. Hi Anita,
      I think the multiples only count if it’s part of a uniform. So, in your case, if you have 4 blue blouses, choose 1 or 2 and put the rest away for now…Remember, the project says it’s not an exercise in suffering. So just do your best. I’m so glad to hear you’re in!

  1. As I read the “rules” if you have things you have to wear for work that you don’t have a choice about (like a uniform, or specialty clothing), and you wouldn’t wear them outside of work (or certain hobbies, like mucky gardening clothes, for example) you don’t need to count them. But if you put on your gardening clothes in the morning when you’re not going straight out into the garden, you should be counting them. A lot of people give themselves leeway for specialty items – like leathers for motorbike riding, for example, or horse riding gear. Some people count those things collectively as 1 item, other people just exclude them.

    I am starting my 2nd round this week, trying to do P333 as close to the rules as possible with clothing only, but excluding purses, earrings, and shoes. I’ve been working closer and closer to the rules since last summer.

    I think if it’s a choice between doing it or not doing it, people should break the rules. But Courtney says it should still be a challenge. It should feel uncomfortable at first!

    For your other things that you’re not counting yet, maybe you could try to reduce them by half and see how that goes?

    1. Hi again, I just read your post on your Project 333. I really like the idea of looking at items in pairs and picking out your favorite…great idea. Good luck with your selections this week. Looking forward to reading about your progress with the closet (and your garden, as well)!

      1. Thanks 🙂 I have quite a few posts about P333 from the past few months if you’re interested. There’s a category drop down box on my right sidebar 🙂 Some less rambling, some more… Thanks for reading! Good luck with yours too.

    1. Hi Sylvanna, yes it’s a challenge, but I found it easier to get dressed most mornings, since I liked everything in my closet. A new season starts on Oct. 1st. I a going to try again.

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