My Workouts

I’d like to get healthy.

Surely I can’t finish this last half of my 40s in worse shape than I entered.   Can I still be carrying “baby” weight when my baby is almost 13?

I am motivated by my friend, Glenda, who is consistently training for these “mud runs” and “warrior dashes.”  But something about running through fire then climbing a wall scares me.

I think I was in shape once.  I ran a 10K and reached my goal to NOT come in last.   As I ran through the streets of Rockville Centre, praying to God that I not pass out, I vowed that would be my last race.  So what can I do to get some exercise?

I must make some real changes…and buying new bras that say, “Eliminates Back Fat” is not the way to go.

Any suggestions?  Please tell me, how do you stay in shape?

6 thoughts on “My Workouts”

  1. Thanks for the shout out Maria, I really appreciate it. I have just taken on two clients for personal training – I’m so excited about it. Your “cheerleading” and motivation — as I’ve challenged myself with various races and training — have helped me develop the confidence I needed to share my enthusiasm and knowledge of health and fitness with others. You ROCK!!!

    1. Hi Glenda, Would you still say I rocked if I told you that I psyched myself out of Spin Class today? You’d probably say, “Get your butt in there tomorrow.” Your enthusiasm about getting fit and healthy is infectious. It’s never braggadocious or condescending…more like, “you can do this too!” I wish we lived closer so you can train me. Congratulations on your new clients! XXOO

    1. Hi Sisi’s Mom, I got mine at Kohl’s. But trust me, it doesn’t work. Must’ve been a typo…they really meant “Accentuates Back Fat.” Don’t waste your money! There’s a better way…we just have to find it…

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