I’ve spent almost 16 years filling my house with stuff — gifts, the kids’ artwork, clothes on sale, gadgets, paperwork, appliance manuals, books, and junk.

I’ve tried Feng Shui, the FlyLady, and monthly donations to Big Brothers/Big Sisters…and yet the stuff always seems to come back.

Recently, I’ve subscribed to a few “Minimalist” blogs.  The theory is that the less stuff we have, the less stuff we are responsible for and, therefore, can live freer, happier lives.

Anyway, I’m going to see how much of the house — specifically the basement and garage — I can empty out.

Have you heard of minimalism?  How do you apply it to your lives?  Have you recently cleared space in your house?  Inspire us with your success stories.

For a much more detailed explanation, go here:

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