Lunch date with my girls

One of my many fears is that I am becoming a recluse.  So every week, I make plans to see a friend.  Today, I ventured into the city to meet these two gals – Estela and Anita.

Estela and Anita meet me for lunch!
Estela and Anita meet me for lunch!

Estela is my sister.   Anita is my sister from another miss and mister.  We always meet at this place called Ayza  because they never rush us and their chocolate martinis ain’t no joke.

I’ve read several articles that write about the importance of women friends…and I truly believe in making the effort to maintain these friendships.  Here’s a well-written post by Rachel Anne Ridge that expresses this idea:

It’s so easy to get caught up in work, the kids, husbands, etc.   But I find that when I make time to be with these girls, it really makes my day 🙂

How easy is it for you to maintain close friendships?  Please share with us your efforts.

8 thoughts on “Lunch date with my girls”

  1. I am loving this site so far. Continue to just be yourself. That by itself is amazing and will make an impact in those who come across your website. Love ya and continue on this journey. It has so many wonderful places to take you.

    1. Hi Rowzina,
      Thank you for your kind words. I didn’t realize how much I missed writing until I started again. I love the “continue to just be yourself” advice. Hope you stick around and keep me in check. <3

  2. Take the train into the city? You’re much braver than me. Hmmm maybe I have some reclusive tendencies…?

    1. It really took some effort…and the kids are in school for longer times. I remember when they were younger, I would only have one or two hour windows to get stuff done…so going into the city was never a real option.

      Your job, the little ones, and our future walks will keep you from becoming a recluse…

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