Get Moving

Pick your poison:  would you rather have to watch what you eat OR get some exercise?

Breaking up with Oreos would be long and painful…so, I picked trying to get some exercise instead.

I dreamed big at first — picturing myself pedaling frantically in a Spin Class at the gym.  But, I quickly psyched myself out, too intimidated that I might not have the right padded shorts or spin shoes.

This article, “My Breakup with Exercise” motivated me to set realistic goals.  I’ll never have a “hot bikini body,” but if I put in some work, perhaps I can climb a few flights of stairs without being so winded.

What realistic activity have I found?  The treadmill in my garage didn’t hold any grudges and welcomed me back.  I set the timer to 45 minutes and pressed “Start.”  The turning belt chanted, “welcome back…welcome back…welcome back…”  The “Workout” playlist on my ipod was still pretty motivating.  OK, this, I can do.

I’ll try to make my way back to the gym. If I can’t, then maybe it’s time to end my membership.  Continuing to pay for a gym I don’t use is like buying a bunch of movie tickets every month and not going to see the shows.

I also have a date with an old high school buddy to walk the Jones Beach boardwalk when it warms up.  That’s a nice way to get in exercise and visit with a friend.  For now, I’m shooting for 45 minutes of movement, 3 times a week.

Let’s get moving together!  How can we incorporate more exercise (or activity) into our busy lives?  Brainstorm with me.

PS. If you’re looking, here are some songs from my playlist that you might consider adding to yours:

  • “Rich Girl,” Gwen Stefani
  • “Every Day is a Winding Road,” Sheryl Crow
  • “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
  • *Fixurlifeup – Prince and 3rdEyeGirl

Share with me some of your favorites too!

11 thoughts on “Get Moving”

  1. Very motivating! I have been walking the dog as soon as i get home. 30-45 minute brisk walk. I have found that it helps me unwind after a tough day at the office. And for the past few days, AV has been joining me, giving me some quality one-on-one time with her too. Keep it moving, Cozintransit. That’s why you’re not Cozonthecouch.

  2. I have on my phone an exercise app . It has help me to walk at least two mile per day as well as show how much calories I have burned, I turn it on before I put my feet on floor each morning ,and it really help.

  3. Hi Ms. Joy! An exercise app is a great idea, since it shows progress at the end of the day…it probably also motivates you to get moving…I may have to look into that. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  4. I can’t afford the gym (and don’t really want to go anyway – I figured that if I walked to the Y, that would be the workout I needed, so why sign up for the Y as well?!) I have a regular walking date with a friend. Luckily we have mild enough weather here that we can almost always get out on a Wed morning year round. We started walking for the 2 hours her daughter was in preschool – which translates into about 5 miles, walking and talking. I’m very sedentary otherwise. I want to set up more regular walking dates with friends – maybe 3 days a week would be good. And walking the dog – these days I have to drag the 12 year old pug along a lot of the way. Her days of jogging are long past! Not that we ever jogged much. I know I need to do more to strengthen my body, but I hate getting hot and bright red faced and sweaty, and dealing with sports bras… and I’m lazy! 😉
    Sometimes I wish I had some kind of total gym or rowing machine in the basement, if only the basement was a nice place to be… and if we had the money to invest in a machine.
    Have you tried a pedometer? I’ve debated getting a fitbit. My friend uses one and is very motivated by it. I would like to move more as part of my daily life without necessarily “working out.”

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