Compost Bin Project

As my deadline for this compost bin project approached, I realized that you actually have to buy and cook vegetables to have scraps to compost.

I thought about asking the produce guy at Waldbaums if he had any rotting discount produce…but I had to draw the line.  I WILL NOT buy rotting fruit and vegetables to make good dirt.

So I started the project, anyway, knowing that if I waited one more week, common sense would tell me to stop blogging.

Based on the instructions, to make compost, there has to be a perfect mix of “browns” (carbon) and “greens” (nitrogen).  I won’t pretend to know what all this means.  All I got out of it was that I had to layer the two like I was making lasagna.  

So, the bottom layer consists of leaves and yard waste from my inlaws’ garden. This is considered “Browns.”

Bottom layer of "Browns."  Special thanks to my inlaws for collecting them from their yard for me.
Bottom layer of “Browns.” Courtesy of my inlaws’ garden.

Next, I added the “Greens,” which consisted of vegetable peels, coffee grinds, and eggshells from my kitchen.  I also added a box of expired salad that was already turning slimy.

Second layer of "Greens," made up of kitchen scraps -- peels, carrots, egg shells, coffee grinds.  This smelled disgusting.
Second layer of “Greens.” This smelled disgusting.

Next, I added potting soil.  I read somewhere this would keep things moving or speed up the process.

Added some potting soil on top of the "Greens."
Potting soil on top of the “Greens.”

Last layer was browns.

Ended with a layer of "Browns."
Ended with a layer of “Browns.”

This project was loosely taken from Preparedness Mama‘s, “Create a Mini Compost Bin.”  I decided to not collect the drippings.  For now, they can just ooze down to fertilize my tree.  

I’ll report back next month on my progress.  For now, I leave you with an updated photo of my daffodils and tulips.  Spring is really near!

Here's an update of the progress of my daffodils and tulips :)
Here’s an update of the progress of my daffodils and tulips 🙂

How is your garden looking?  Share with us your projects for the Spring.



5 thoughts on “Compost Bin Project”

  1. My, you are really getting going with your projects – good for you! lol, you are making me tired. I’d like to see a pic of your flowers when they are in bloom. Do you have trouble keeping tulips? Whenever I plant them, the squirrels dig up the bulbs and within a year or two they are all gone. But, they don’t seem to like the daffodil bulbs so those are going strong. Unfortunately, I planted them across the front of my house alternating between daffodils, hyacinths and tulips so now I have some big gaps where most of the tulips were and even the hyacinths are beginning to fade 🙁

  2. Hi Helen, this is my first year planting bulbs, so I’m not sure how many will make it. I think the resident feral cats keep the squirrels pretty busy around here. Will have to take a closer look at your blooms next time I’m there.

  3. Ugh. So many spring projects to do around here… digging out lawn, weeding, moving several plants around, digging up some clumping bamboo that is too crowded and moving that into the spot left by the other plants, buying new plants, buying compost and spreading that, buying mulch and spreading that, laying out soaker hoses (which is a pain in the ass!), more weeding, reworking another garden in the back, digging out more lawn, watering, weeding… rinse and repeat…
    And remembering/noting where my bulbs are (so many didn’t flower this year, so I need to feed them now so they might bloom next spring) and buying more bulbs in the fall to beef up my 2015 spring happiness!
    …when the rain stops…

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