Coffee with Kathy

I met Kathy years ago when our boys were in Kindergarten.   She was always smiling, waving, and walking around in 4-inch heels.

I tried to avoid her because she was always asking when our boys could have a playdate.  I’d say, “Let me check our schedule,” and pray I wouldn’t run into her until the next week.  I didn’t know her.  Did she have guns in the house or a weird uncle in the back room?  I didn’t want any part of it.

So I made up this rule for my son — he had to be in three activities with a kid before we could even consider a playdate. Eventually, the boys were together in school, peewee football, and then baseball.  I ran out of excuses.  That’s how Kathy and I became friends.

Kathy with me on a class trip in 2009.
Kathy with me on a class trip in 2009.

It’s hard for me to make friends at this age.  Who has the time to really get to know a person and get past the differences?

Kathy and I are opposites in many ways — our personalities (she’s extroverted); our parenting styles (she’s loosey goosey); our homes (she’s neat); and of course, her ability to walk in 4 inch heels…

But, I found we are alike in ways important to me.  She is fiercely committed to her family and loyal to her friends.  

Despite Kathy’s full-time teaching schedule and three kids (all with after-school activities), she always makes time for coffee dates.  She has great timing, too.  Just when I start to feel too blue, I get a text saying, “Coffee this week?”  

We meet during her lunch period at a Starbucks near her school.  We tell stories, laugh, and then back to work.  It’s truly amazing what a quick coffee break with a friend can do.  

So your assignment today is to make a coffee date with a friend.  Extra credit for giving someone a chance to be your friend. 🙂


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  1. I love coffee dates with girlfriends! I try to make time for them at least twice a month. Clears the head, gives perspective…so therapeutic!

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