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Workout ideas? Maybe some features of pals I workout with? Or maybe it’ll evolve to a “Lunch with the Ladies” category.

2015 Projects

Happy New Year! I am eager to share my first projects of 2015!

In my continued quest to get rid of stuff around the house, I found Peter Walsh‘s project 31Days2GetOrganized. I know I didn’t finish 30DaysofThanks. But these are 10-minute exercises that seem doable. Day 2 required removing items that don’t belong in the Master Bedroom. I dragged out a box of books, magazines from my side table, and a large bin of summer clothes. The exercise took less than half an hour.

I am also working on missions from the FlyLady. This week we are in the kitchen. Today’s mission was to throw out any plastic containers that were stained, broken, or didn’t have a match. I find it easier to do one simple task rather than to tackle a whole room at once.

On the fitness front, I’ve decided to cancel my gym membership and start a realistic workout plan at home. I am committing to 30 minutes a day on the treadmill.

To motivate myself, I am researching these two races:

The Color Run – 5K on May 23rd in Queens. A race where people splash you with color? I am going to see if I can put together a team to run with me. No pressure, just lots of fun. Right up my alley.

Diva Race – 5K on October 4 in Eisenhower Park. This race requires some running, but with a feather boa! How fun is that? Plus it’s later in the year and I’ll be really fit by then!

I am thinking of signing up for a photography class at the local community college. I’ve been taking some photos for the church website and I want to see how I can improve the pictures or better work my camera.

Here are some writers who help me stay motivated:

* My sister recommended Mastin Kipp and his posts about love and loving yourself. I follow him on Twitter and it’s like a daily dose of love and positivity.

* I’ve been a fan of Rachel Anne Ridge’s “Home Sanctuary” for a while. Her last post talked about 2015 being the “year to stop being afraid.” I always back off when I think that something bad might happen. As a result, there’s no progress. I want this to change in 2015.

* I’ve mentioned Courtney Carver before in my Project 333 post.  She inspires, encourages, and motivates me with her posts on minimalism.

Last year, I sadly said goodbye to an uncle, two good neighbors, and some really kind people in my church. On a happier note, I was able to attend a fabulous wedding and reunite with old friends, celebrate my 20th anniversary, and share special occasions with my family and friends.

Life is so precious. This will be the year I stand up to my fears. But instead of planning, and worrying, I will just start by starting.

I am looking forward to sharing my projects and hearing from you in 2015.

Let’s have a healthy, happy new year!

Ab Challenge Almost Done

I am 3+ days behind in the 30-Day Ab Challenge (Day 14, Day 22 and Day 25, plus 130 crunches from Day 21).  There’s only 4 days left, so I’ve given myself an extension until July 3rd.

I had to make adjustments so that I wouldn’t quit.  I did the situps, crunches, and leg lifts in sets.  For example, on Day 21, instead of 90 situps straight, I did 3 sets of 30.  I did not break up the planks.  I am up to 100 seconds.

Visually, I don’t see any improvement…no six pack abs…yet.  But, I stepped up to the challenge most days, and found out that I can plank.

For July, I was invited to do the 30-Day Arm Challenge, but I gracefully declined.  Pushups and arm dips are too ambitious for the summer.

I briefly clicked on the 30-Day Little Black Dress Challenge.  But, at 46, I’m now more realistic. 1)Burpees — Not even closely related to slurpees.   2)No room for a little black dress in this season’s Project 333 capsule.  3)Again, it’s summer.  I have abs-olutely zero motivation.

I’m going for Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred.  Maybe Jillian can motivate me.  A few years ago, when my son was trying to make weight for pee wee football, we bought this DVD and it helped him lose about 8 pounds.  To be fair, we also cut out all sweetened drinks and french fries.  Not sure I can do that…but we’ll see.

So what’s your workout for the summer?  Or how do you deal with the sound of the ice cream truck?

30-Day Ab Challenge

I started this blog to challenge myself to say “yes” to things that I would normally say, “absolutely not.”

I’m on Day 40 of my 100HappyDays project.  It’s sometimes hard to come up with one thing that made me happy, but so far I haven’t missed a day .

I’m getting tired of the clothes I’ve chosen for my Project 333, and the next season doesn’t begin until July 1st…so I’ve still got a whole month to go — ugh!  But I’m sticking with it.

Recently, my friend, Glenda, shared a “30-Day Ab Challenge” on her facebook page.  I think I can do “15 situps, 5 crunches, 5 leg raises and a 10 second plank” on Day 1.  By Day 30, I’ll be doing 125 situps, 200 crunches, 65 leg raises, and 120 second plank?  What do I have to lose, besides hope inches on my waistline?  I’m in.

For those of you not on Facebook, here’s the 30-Day Ab Challenge website.  June 1st is the start date.

Will keep you posted on any progress or injuries 🙂


Get Moving

Pick your poison:  would you rather have to watch what you eat OR get some exercise?

Breaking up with Oreos would be long and painful…so, I picked trying to get some exercise instead.

I dreamed big at first — picturing myself pedaling frantically in a Spin Class at the gym.  But, I quickly psyched myself out, too intimidated that I might not have the right padded shorts or spin shoes.

This article, “My Breakup with Exercise” motivated me to set realistic goals.  I’ll never have a “hot bikini body,” but if I put in some work, perhaps I can climb a few flights of stairs without being so winded.

What realistic activity have I found?  The treadmill in my garage didn’t hold any grudges and welcomed me back.  I set the timer to 45 minutes and pressed “Start.”  The turning belt chanted, “welcome back…welcome back…welcome back…”  The “Workout” playlist on my ipod was still pretty motivating.  OK, this, I can do.

I’ll try to make my way back to the gym. If I can’t, then maybe it’s time to end my membership.  Continuing to pay for a gym I don’t use is like buying a bunch of movie tickets every month and not going to see the shows.

I also have a date with an old high school buddy to walk the Jones Beach boardwalk when it warms up.  That’s a nice way to get in exercise and visit with a friend.  For now, I’m shooting for 45 minutes of movement, 3 times a week.

Let’s get moving together!  How can we incorporate more exercise (or activity) into our busy lives?  Brainstorm with me.

PS. If you’re looking, here are some songs from my playlist that you might consider adding to yours:

  • “Rich Girl,” Gwen Stefani
  • “Every Day is a Winding Road,” Sheryl Crow
  • “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
  • *Fixurlifeup – Prince and 3rdEyeGirl

Share with me some of your favorites too!

My Workouts

I’d like to get healthy.

Surely I can’t finish this last half of my 40s in worse shape than I entered.   Can I still be carrying “baby” weight when my baby is almost 13?

I am motivated by my friend, Glenda, who is consistently training for these “mud runs” and “warrior dashes.”  But something about running through fire then climbing a wall scares me.

I think I was in shape once.  I ran a 10K and reached my goal to NOT come in last.   As I ran through the streets of Rockville Centre, praying to God that I not pass out, I vowed that would be my last race.  So what can I do to get some exercise?

I must make some real changes…and buying new bras that say, “Eliminates Back Fat” is not the way to go.

Any suggestions?  Please tell me, how do you stay in shape?