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Things I didn’t know about the joys of being a dog owner.


This is Bojangles, my two-year-old Havanese.

Bojangles just turned 2 in this photo.
Bojangles just turned 2 in this photo.

Since he is my first dog, I tried to read all I could about raising a puppy.  Ian Dunbar,, suggested that a puppy needed to meet at least 100 people before it turned 12 weeks.  I fell short.

First,  Bojangles had Giardia when we got him and I didn’t want him to infect other dogs.  Next, I didn’t have 100 friends to introduce to him.  I think we got as close as 87 by the time he was 16 weeks.

Luckily, I found a wonderful, pawsitive and force-free trainer — Helen Del Bove of Smarty Paws.  After a few private training sessions, Bojangles learned to love his crate,  walk with a leash, and calmly sit by the front window.  Last Spring, he earned a certificate in “Basic Manners”.  This Spring, he is registered for puppy playgroup and an agility class.

If you’re in the NY area and interested in a positive dog trainer, I highly recommend Helen.  Here is her website:

Bojangles is still sort of shy and anti-social (sorta like his mama).  But we’re working on it.

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Do you have a shy dog?   Please share with us some ideas on how you got your dog to be less shy.