Ab Challenge Almost Done

I am 3+ days behind in the 30-Day Ab Challenge (Day 14, Day 22 and Day 25, plus 130 crunches from Day 21).  There’s only 4 days left, so I’ve given myself an extension until July 3rd.

I had to make adjustments so that I wouldn’t quit.  I did the situps, crunches, and leg lifts in sets.  For example, on Day 21, instead of 90 situps straight, I did 3 sets of 30.  I did not break up the planks.  I am up to 100 seconds.

Visually, I don’t see any improvement…no six pack abs…yet.  But, I stepped up to the challenge most days, and found out that I can plank.

For July, I was invited to do the 30-Day Arm Challenge, but I gracefully declined.  Pushups and arm dips are too ambitious for the summer.

I briefly clicked on the 30-Day Little Black Dress Challenge.  But, at 46, I’m now more realistic. 1)Burpees — Not even closely related to slurpees.   2)No room for a little black dress in this season’s Project 333 capsule.  3)Again, it’s summer.  I have abs-olutely zero motivation.

I’m going for Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred.  Maybe Jillian can motivate me.  A few years ago, when my son was trying to make weight for pee wee football, we bought this DVD and it helped him lose about 8 pounds.  To be fair, we also cut out all sweetened drinks and french fries.  Not sure I can do that…but we’ll see.

So what’s your workout for the summer?  Or how do you deal with the sound of the ice cream truck?

2 thoughts on “Ab Challenge Almost Done”

  1. Ms. Maria I was never a nice cream person nor too much sweets for that matter, so I just don’t listen to the music from the van. I just plan to add another mile to my walking and crank up the speed. lol good luck.

    1. Ms. Joy, I envy your energy and clean living lifestyle. When I see you speed walking by, I’ll stop you to give you some veggies from my garden 🙂

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